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Piasa Motor Fuels offers many different solutions for customers’ gasoline and fuel needs. We specialize in commercial accounts, while continuing to provide home heating oil deliveries. Piasa offers several different pricing options based on your needs and size of delivery including tank wagon, transport, FOB the load rack, fixed forward multiple months, 10 day fixed and OPIS based formula. Our options also include servicing your account on a keep full basis, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Piasa Motor Fuels Transport Truck
Piasa offers a full slate of gasoline, diesel fuel, ethanol blends, and biodiesel blends for both on road and off road applications.
Gasoline Products and Ethanol Blends

RFG Gasolines
Conventional Gasolines

Diesel Products and Biodiesel Blends
ULSD #2 Clear
ULSD#2 Dyed
Biodiesel blends of B2, B5, B11, B20 and B99
Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Downloadable Forms
  1. Credit Application
  2. Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate
  3. EFT Authorization
Bulk Renewable Fuels
A leader in renewable fuels, Piasa has been distributing ethanol since 1978 and biodiesel 1999. In addition to having products available in Hartford, IL, we have two remote bulk plants that offer renewable fuels for splash blending:
Columbia, MO E100 and B99
Palmyra, MO E100
Hartford, IL E100 and B99

Transport Loads
Piasa offers competitive pricing options for customers that purchase transport loads. We offer product FOB Hartford, IL, in addition to offering product on a delivered basis. If your location is within 150 miles of St. Louis, Piasa should be considered as a supplier for your needs.

Tank Wagon
Piasa offers tank wagon sized deliveries, 100 gallons – 2500 gallons, to customers in and around the Metro East Side of Missouri. We offer the same products as listed above to customers with smaller tank sizes. For example, smaller fleets, farmers, and construction sites. Piasa has an inventory of above ground tanks for rental or purchase. Our tanks are delivered to you meeting all state of Illinois codes.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid
With the more stringent exhaust regulations changing the way diesel engines operate, Piasa also offers Diesel Exhaust Fluid. As this market continues to emerge, Piasa will adapt its offering for customers to purchase and store DEF in various ways that make the most since for them.

Please contact Butch at 618-216-4514 for quotations on your fueling/fluid needs.
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